Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why Women TALK and Men WALK..

As we all known ,men and women are having differently way of thinking.Both are actually complementary each other,as Allah S.W.T created us,either we are men or women,we are same,need to be humble for HIM and Allah stated in Al-Quran,Islam will be spread,overwhelming start from the sacred relationship between men and women(married) and from them ,next generation will be generated.

While I'm thinking about this,I recall back my memories in reading a book wrote by "inspirational " John Gray,Author of book "Men from Mars,Women From Venus".Actually,I'm just reading his another book entitle same as i'm stated above as this post Title " Why Women TALK and Men WALK".

This book actually gave me one step to understand the gender,understand myself as woman and men as well.

Here I rewrite back what was wrote by John Gray about women and men emotionally different.Women are always said by others more emotional than men,and after read this book,i knew detail about myself biologically and no wonder women are more emotional than men.Let us read and understand what was wrote by him(John Gray)

" Having a working emotional vocabulory is more than just knowing the meaning of words.It includes the ability to label,describe and express your varied and subtle emotions and to interpret the emotional expression to other people.

Female seem to have a brain structure that is a bit more suited to emotional vocabulary.They have more cells in the areas of brain that mediate language and that connect the emotional areas with the language areas.This slight biological difference is apparent in a verbal behaviour of children as young as eigtheen months

*It becomes greatly exaggerated by parenting,peers,school,and culture as we talk about emotional words far more with little girls than litte boys.*

Men know the meaning of the words,they just don't use them to make emotional connection the way females do.Emotional talks is the native languages of females,leading one ontropologist to observe that talking is to women grooming is to other primates.

Teaching adult men emotional vocabulary will never give them the verbal fluency of women,just as learning new language in adulthood cannot match learning it as child and speaking it throughout life.Emotional words are a a second language for him,and he'll speak with a thick accent.No matter how much he tries,he just won't sound as natural and genuine as your girlfriends using the same words

That're several part about what John Gray wrote.I'm trying to understand what he tried to say after finish reading the whole of this book.

I'm just one step knowing the gender studies...knowing about myself and men as well...

of course this knowledge gave me benefits knowing the reality of life..

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